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Tri-Krete Coatings Inc. services an array of industries including Military, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Power & Energy, Structural Steel & Architectural Steel, Food & Beverage, Mining, Municipalities, and Heavy Equipment.

Tri-Krete Coatings Inc. provides surface preparation, abrasive blasting, metal finishing and protective coatings to all industries. In addition, we provide in-house inspections, certificates of compliance and transportation services for your convenience.


For over 40 years Tri-Krete Coatings Inc., as industry leaders, has been servicing the Military, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Power & Energy, Structural Steel, Architectural Steel, Food & Beverage, Municipalities, and Heavy Equipment industries.  All industries require effective corrosion protection.  Tri-Krete Coatings Inc. recognizes the importance of economics in protecting structures and equipment with expert surface preparation and the application of high performance protective coatings.  Preventing and solving problems caused by corrosion is what we do best.

Tri-Krete Coatings Inc. is committed to servicing a variety of worldwide markets with the highest quality in surface preparation, abrasive blasting and protective coatings, exceeding the most stringent of specifications.  As skilled corrosion experts, Tri-Krete Coatings Inc. guarantees personalized service, quality workmanship, accuracy and reliability, superior quality materials, fast turnaround schedule - providing a completive edge, regardless of the scope and size of the project.

Tri-Krete Coatings Inc. personnel are trained and qualified in fulfilling the diverse nature of project specifications, adhering to industry-wide consensus standards prepared by such organizations as ASTM International, SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings, NACE – National Association of Corrosion Engineers, Department of Defense specifications and government standards.

Tri-Krete Coatings Inc. implements quality standards that provide a systematic approach to verify conformance to contract requirements.  Our goal is to protect your investment in time and material by adhering to the most rigorous of specifications and maintaining the highest standards of quality and fine workmanship.

As World Class Applicators, Tri-Krete Coatings Inc. provides excellent service meeting all your metal coating and finishing requirements.

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